Saturday, April 27, 2013


Ghazali is my ever smiling brother- In- law. His conversations are filled with bits of light humor. He   asks questions with highest level of seriousness but humorously in real. People  answer the question  with the same seriousness perhaps not noticing the naughty twinkle in his eyes.

A super dad who manages handling his twins while doing other chores. …instilling reading habits in them right from the beginning.

His love for adventure has prompted him for sky diving, bungee jumping and lots of other trips plus a fractured arm right before his wedding.

Unlike usual breed of husbands, he keeps his things perfectly organized and clean and his clothes perfectly ironed .He is well dressed and  a pure gentleman which is reflected by his manners.
His gifts for children are often  very interesting, unusual and unique.
Ghazali..We are happy to have you in our family.Thank you for taking good care of my sister. Today we will celebrate you in our lives.

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