Sunday, August 18, 2013

Abid mamoo

Abid mamoo was the youngest of his siblings..but his mother referred to him as her "mother".
Once she fell down and got hurt badly..but she told not to tell her "mother" (abid mamu) she would get a long phone about taking precautions..being careful ..having medicine and a long long lecture on how to take of herself.
We often felt nani amma to be a little baby of abid mamu. He was an extremely caring son.
He had a heart warming smile always and a very pleasant happy- go -lucky nature .His mother (nani amma) as well as sister(ammi) would start joking and laughing as soon as he called.His mother  frequently said:"woh to meri maan hai"(he is like my mother).They also had this sibling rivalry kind of relationship rather than mother and son relation....pulling legs....teasing.. each other..and caring  at the same time.Abid mamoo...Your ever green smile would always live in our hearts. 

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